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David Hensley is not only a CPA who has over 25 years experience in a wide array of business models in various industries and for companies of different sizes he is also an Enrolled Agent.
His goal is to bring all of this experience and knowledge to the small firms that want to grow but are worried about the costs.
If an entrepenuer is committed to the future and understands the importance of quality and integrity in all aspects of their company, then we will provide the financial foundation to accomplish their goals.
Finally, our aim is not to fit every company into a standardized format but rather to clearly understand what the current business model is and to "Enhance the Strengths" and "Eliminate the Weaknesses".


Our office is located at 850 South Spring Street, Springfield IL 62704

  • Helping companies understand, develop and protect their cash reserves
  • Working diligently with clients to minimize direct and operating costs
  • Developing efficient and effective data capture in order to generate accurate consistant financial and management reporting
  • Creating comprehensive proforma models which can serve as both operating budgets and management planning tools
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of key personnel to confirm that they are contributing to the continued growth and success of the company
  • Planning tax strategies to minimize tax liabilities

850 South Spring Street, Springfield IL 62704



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